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Meet the SBG Family

Massa Family

Russ and Denny Massa

Clay and Allie (Massa) Runnels and kids

Olivia, Elsie and Cole Runnels

Isaac and Makensy (Massa) Schmidgall and kids

Elliot and Nora Schmidgall

Dylan Massa

Russ and Denny Massa got started in the cattle industry by raising commercial cattle in southwest Missouri in 1985 where they've used registered Angus bulls for many years. In 1999 they purchased their first registered Angus and Simmental females and joined the Nichols Farms of Iowa team and started the Missouri franchise with the Darrel and Cindy Kentner family. Superior Beef Genetics was born after 10+ years of being under the wise direction of Dave Nichols and Ross Havens when Russ and Denny's kids graduated from college and came home and were ready to help take the reigns. The SBG family still holds a very dear and close relationship with the Nichols Family and will forever be grateful for their knowledge they shared. The Massa family now runs 200 head of registered Angus and SimAngus cattle, as well as a commercial herd for their ET work.

Kentner Family

Kentner Family Pic.jpg

Darrell & Cindy Kentner

Steven and Jaimee (Kentner) Rhodes and kids

Carsen and Chloe Rhodes

Kelly and sons Andrew and Luke


Matt Kentner and Megan


Having been raised on a dairy farm at his current homestead, in southwest, Missouri, Darrell Kentner is no stranger to hard work. He knew what it took to raise and manage good cattle, and the importance that individual performance had on the results. In 1968 Darrell was able to travel to Switzerland with the FFA and it was there that he first saw Simmental cattle and was very impressed by them and never forgot about it. While in college he was able to see the $135,000 bull "Amor".  Darrell and Cindy married and resided in Lamar, MO where he continued to help his dad on the dairy farm. As the dairy industry began to take a turn, Darrell and his wife Cindy decided it was time for them to change as well. He had previously AIed his Jersey cows to some of the Simmental bulls he was impressed by and was very pleased by the growth, performance and maternal ability they added to his herd. He then ecided to buy three registered Simmental cows in 1995. One month later Darrell and Cindy had their dairy herd dispersal. Four years later, in 1999 they would join forces with the Massa Family and the Nichols Farms of Iowa team to start the Missouri franchise of Nichols Farms, now independently known as Superior Beef Genetics. The Kentner family has been the driving force behind the Simmental genetics within SBG. The Kentner family runs over 100 registered Simmental cows and Darrell also produces all the feed that is used to raise and feed the bulls.

Runnels Family


Clay and Allie (Massa) Runnels and kids

Olivia, Elsie and Cole Runnels

Allie Massa married Clay Runnels in 2009 and they have always been highly involved in Superior Beef Genetics. Clay having been raised in the commercial cattle industry this was 2nd nature to him. Clay and Allie, alongside Clay's parents, Kirk and Sandy Runnels run registered Simmental & Angus cattle as well as a large commercial cattle herd. They currently supply a high percentage of the spring born bulls and commercial heifers that are sold in the production sale. Aside from raising seedstock, they run their own feedyard where they grow and finish their own genetics. They see first-hand how their genetics perform as mommas in the pasture as well as growing feeders and fats on feed. They are responsible for developing all of the bulls under the direction of Great Plains nutritionist Robert Jones. They take pride in knowing first hand what it feels like to be in their customers shoes and do all they can to provide animals with integrity.  

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