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Your Source for Superior Purebred and Composite Genetics

Lamar, Missouri

Angus, Simmental & SimAngus Composites

22nd Annual Production Sale

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 1:00

Be sure to Follow us on Facebook for the "daily bull highlights." We give our personal insight on what exceptional traits each sale lot has and how they might be beneficial in your herd.


Superior Beef Genetics (SBG) is located in southwest Missouri near Lamar right off of I-49. Founded, owned and currently operated by two local farm farmilies, as a group their mission is to provide high quality, superior breeding stock that has been born and tested in southwest Missouri. SBG takes pride in knowing that their cattle are able to adjust to any climate. All cattle are performance tested. They host two production sales a year in March and October. They always have bulls and replacement females for sale and are happy to help market animals out of their genetics. They welcome visitors at any time and would love for you to stop by.       

~ Superior Beef Genetics


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